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Words by Sophie Rahnema @Sophieshahla
Photography by Oliver Campbell @ioliverjames


Fashion and Sustainability; we need to act now.

I’ve worked in fast fashion. It’s fun. There’s free cupcakes, neon lights and flamingos. There are clothes coming out your ears. Piled in the corner of the office. Falling apart at the seams.

Fast fashion has also doubled the rate of clothing production since 2000. It encourages overconsumption and waste, and has increased carbon emissions, pollution, and the plastic in our seas. But it’s fun because the office carpet is pink, you know?

Seriously, how many of your stretchy dresses made it past their first trip to Revs in town? Its time to slow down, hun. The message coming from all the experts is clear. Buy less and wear more.

Our shopping habits need an overhaul quickly. Did you know that in 2016, 1,130,000 metric tonnes of clothing was bought in the UK? With an average life span of 3 years per item, we’re throwing things away faster than we can use them. And many are going to landfill. With only about 1% of our fast fashion items being resold or recycled.

You probably don’t think twice about putting your Diet Coke cans in the recycling bin any more. So you’re doing well, but we need to start encouraging sustainability in all facets of our lives, and it’s becoming easier to make the right choices with your clothes habit too.

We have 10 years to save the planet. That’s what scientists say.

Extending the active life of 50% of UK clothing by nine months would save: 8% carbon, 10% water, 4% waste per metric ton of clothing, according to WRAP’s Valuing Our Clothes report . So it seems that the answer lies in taking care of good quality clothing in order to make it last longer.

Studioslo 7.20 is built around the ideas of conscious consumption, circular fashion and responsible consumerism . By working with brands who aim to create clothes sustainably and give  access to products that would have been otherwise overlooked , we can take a moment to breathe.

We can slow down our bad habits , consume less , and focus our energies on sourcing timeless quality garments that are built to last . With premium brands who share our core positive values Studioslo 7.20 aims to put these considered and beautiful products back into the hands of the conscious consumer. 


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