Why Choose Aesop? The Cult Beauty Brand That's Worth the Investment.

Everyday is Mothers Day but what IS the benefit of using Aesop....its expensive?!

Words by Tracey Campbell

In my opinion, we need all the help we can get and Aesop provides nourishment for our skin using the power of aromatherapy and science, a small amount goes a long way, give Mother the gift of conscious consumptionvia Studioslo 7.20

Working with plant based botanicals and extracts, Aesop skincare nourishes every area of the face and body without being harsh - from the Resurrection hand wash (brimming with mandarin, rosemary and lavender)  to the Animal Dog Shampoo,  lets face it, our pooches need help too with all the extra walks over lockdown 3.0!

Their approach to responsibility is no different, Aesop are committed to the journey of improving 'our tread' on the planet that sustains us, plus their bottles are recycled to reuse when returned.

They aim to continue making positive contributions to their chosen communities, formulating products of the highest quality and efficacy, another box ticked when it comes to responsibility.

Aesop stride to improve their practices with honesty and transparency, so that's a big hell yeah from Studioslo 7.20.