Vintage Frames Re-imagined? Oscar Deen Has You Covered

Ever found a pair of sunglasses at a vintage fair or car boot sale, worn them to death, broken them, and then mourned them forever as nothing will ever compare? We might have found the resolution to your heartbreak. Oscar Deen sunglasses are inspired by the styles you find in junk sales and antique markets across the globe, imitating that perfect 'lived in' yet classic look that remains classic and is unfailing.


Credit: @oscardeen 

Started by two good friends, Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi, Oscar Deen was ignited in London through the passion for collaboration, creating and sharing. What makes Oscar Deen stand out for us at Studio Slo is not only their aesthetic but also their story. Fitting in perfectly with the theme of consciously shopping, Oscar Deen create high-quality sunglasses using true Mazzucchelli acetate. Matched with Italian craftsmanship and R-39 coated lenses, the frames will last you forever. Your favourite pair of vintage sunglasses are re-imagined in the most contemporary and luxurious way. In addition, shoppers will receive a recycled leather case co-designed by Otis Ingrams, which has been handmade in London.


Credit: @oscardeen 

Alongside being looking great and sounding great, Oscar Deen is a standard-setter for working conditions and brand standards. Their workers are paid living-wage, their textiles are sourced as a by-product of consumerism, they're cruelty-free, fully recyclable and they use no toxic dyes or nasties (paragons, sulphates) in the making process. Truly a champion in Eyewear, we can't get enough of Oscar Deen.


Words by Ella Knight