How Your Dad’s Camping Shoes Became the Coolest Thing to Wear This Summer: Birkenstocks Are Back.

If you thought ‘ugly shoes’ had reached its climax with the chunky trainers in 2020, you’re wrong. The fashion world, and us shoe lovers, have a strange obsession with all things ugly footwear: from the revival of Crocs to the resurgence of Teva, ‘dad’ shoes are having a comeback. Style and comfort haven’t always communicated. The shoes you wanted to wear; strappy sandals and heels result in numerous Compeed applications, whereas the secret Ugg boots we save for the house lack the elegance we are after.


Smyth Sisters Birkenstock Womens Sandal Style

 Credit: @smythsisters

Once reserved for hiking dads and camping friends, the humble Birkenstock sandal is surprisingly now fashion-forward. Phoebe Philo, the former Creative Director of Celine, wore the dad sandal down the runway in 2013, which gave the go-ahead to the style-conscious groups. 8 years later they’re considered mainstream and thank goodness for it. Demand for stilettos fell by 21% globally last year, while the search for slippers rose 242%, says Lyst. If lockdown proved to be the ideal incubator for comfort wear, it also normalised it. The ideal option for working at the kitchen table, dashing around the supermarket and long strolls around the local park, the trusty Birkenstock has seen us through the pandemic and beyond.

Love Cloth Blog Women's Birkenstock Sandal Style

Credit: @loveclothblog

Whether you’re into the classic Birkenstock Arizona straps or are looking for a statement Birkenstock Boston, we have no doubt that the Birkenstock is here to stay. After all, it’s completely timeless and will last you a lifetime. Style with long flowy dresses such as (insert dress link here) to appear ‘lived in’ and carefree, or pair with a baggy jumpsuit (insert jumpsuit link here) for the ultimate comfortable-yet-chic look. Give yourself a break! Feet-friendly shoes are all we are wearing this Summer.


Words by Ella Knight